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Top of page What is the personal profile?

The personal profile is your user contact profile as a registered buyer, and is created automatically when you register on eSources. If you have directly registered for premium buyer membership you will need to complete some of your contact profile details before you can use some of the tools on eSources.

Your personal profile includes your name, surname, company name and contact details. Your profile information is kept strictly confidential and is never released to suppliers without your prior consent. Please note that when you contact a supplier on eSources, your name, surname, company name, address and email will be sent to the supplier for them to reply to your enquiry.

Top of page How do I edit my personal profile?

To edit your personal profile go to your My eSources Account and click on the Edit My Profile link in the left menu. Edit your information and click the Update button at the end of the form. Your edited personal profile will be updated immediately.

Top of page Why can't I edit my name and company name?

For security measures we only allow the editing of your address and telephone number. To request the change of your account name, surname or company name please contact us.

Top of page How do I change my personal profile status to supplier?

If you are a trade supplier and want to list your company on eSources you can upgrade your buyer membership to supplier membership by clicking on the Upgrade to Supplier link in the left menu of your My eSources Account. Simply insert your username and password, then click on the Upgrade button and your account will be upgraded instantly. When you upgrade to supplier you maintain all buyer privileges.

Please note you must be a genuine trade supplier to upgrade to supplier membership. Any breach of this rule may result in your account being deactivated.

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