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Top of page How do I find suppliers on eSources?

We have made finding suppliers on eSources as easy as possible. As a buyer you have a number of options to find the right suppliers:

  • Suppliers Directory: here you can browse suppliers by industry category. There are 26 main categories, each subdivided in more specific subcategories.

  • Suppliers Search: use the search function to search suppliers by name, industry focus, brands distributed and more.

  • Products Directory: here you can find products by industry category. There are 26 main categories, each subdivided in more specific subcategories.

  • Products Search: use the search function to search products by name, product code, description and keywords.

Top of page How do I send an enquiry to a supplier?

You can contact suppliers directly from the main categories of the suppliers directory, from each supplier's profile page, and from each product page. You will be directed to the contact supplier page where you can fill in the details of your enquiry and send it directly to the supplier. With your enquiry you can also send an attachment image (in gif or jpg format), for example an image of a product you are trying to source.

Top of page What benefits do I enjoy as a registered buyer?

As a registered buyer you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Post requests for stock;
  • Contact suppliers faster: your details are pre-filled in the contact supplier page, making it faster to send your enquiries;
  • You can receive special offers from listed suppliers only available to registered buyers.
  • You can place orders for wholesale stock directly from eSources.

Top of page Which suppliers are worth contacting?

The best suppliers to contact are those with the What is TradePass™? logo. When you see a supplier with the What is TradePass™? logo it indicates that the supplier has completed an authentication and verification procedure, and that it is a legally registered business. Further, the What is TradePass™? logo indicates that the person associated with the listing is employed by the supplier or has the authority to represent the company.

Top of page How do I find the contact details of a supplier?

Supplier contact details are available at the bottom of each supplier's profile page and product pages. Basic suppliers are only accessible to premium buyers, you can upgrade here.

Top of page Why can't I see the contact details of some suppliers?

The contact details of some suppliers are not displayed publicly. As a premium buyer you can contact all suppliers directly through the supplier's contact page.

Top of page How can I get more responses to my enquiries?

To ensure a timely and thorough response to your enquiries below are some recommendations:

  • Ensure that your contact details, telephone number and email address are correct and up to date. You can update your personal profile from your My eSources Account clicking on the Edit My Profile link in the left menu;

  • Add a brief personal introduction, specifying whether you are a broker or buyer;

  • When requesting a quotation, specify the quantity you require;

  • Attach a product picture to your enquiries to let suppliers know your purchase needs clearly;

  • A short or incomplete message is usually considered a non-serious enquiry.

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