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Top of page What are buyer trade alerts?

eSources Trade Alerts are notifications by email informing you as a buyer of newly listed companies, special deals and promotions offered by listed suppliers. Trade Alerts is currently sent weekly and includes limited-time discounts which might not be available in our suppliers directory. You don't need to be a registered buyer to subscribe to Trade Alerts. Subscription is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Top of page How do I subscribe to eSources Trade Alerts?

You can subscribe to Buyer Trade Alerts by clicking here or, if you are a registered buyer, from your My eSources Account clicking on the Newsletters link in the left menu.

Top of page How do I unsubscribe from Trade Alerts?

If you are a registered buyer you can unsubscribe from Buyer Trade Alerts from your My eSources Account clicking on the Newsletters link in the left menu. If you are not a registered buyer please send us an email to inform us you wish to unsubscribe.

Top of page Why am I not receiving Trade Alerts emails?

Please check the following:

  • Your Trade Alerts registered email address is valid.
    If you are a registered user you can check this by going to Edit My Profile in your My eSources Account. Alternatively please contact us with your valid email address and we will verify if your address on file is correct.

  • Check your email bulk folder.
    As we send many thousands emails it is possible that your email provider has filtered our email by placing it in your bulk email folder. Once you find our email mark it as "This is not Spam". You will then receive Trade Alerts in your Inbox again regularly.

  • Your email account is full.
    If your account is full make some space by deleting unneeded messages or by saving them to your hard drive.
It is also possible that your email provider has experienced technical problems and that the Trade Alert we have sent you has bounced back as a result of a temporarily service interruption.

Top of page I am receiving Trade Alerts emails but I cannot view them?

Please forward the Trade Alert which you are unable to view and we will send it back to you in text format.

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